Anvil Of Doubt Vs Slim Reed

Anvil Of Doubt vs Slim Reed

Sometimes the crushing weight of doubt bears down on the spirit like an anvil squashing a blade of grass, especially in these times. When corruption and the darker side of humanity seems to reign supreme from our leaders down to our neighbourhoods, it can be hard to see the good, feel any joy and get awestruck by the sheer wonder of life itself. Yet it’s still there, staring us right in the face, every atom and molecule infused with life giving energy. The trillions of cells that make up our bodies perform their work fired by the primordial life energy that imbues every living and inanimate thing in the universe and beyond.

The strict and precise laws that govern the molecules, atoms and subatomic particles protons, neutrons, and electrons work perfectly without flaw. And although we don’t yet fully understand the subatomic world, we can rely 100% on the principles of the larger universe. Based on the laws of physics that govern our universe we have been able to fly men to the moon, power whole cities and switch on the lights at night. Since the beginning of time the precise laws that govern the universe and our lives, have not changed a jot. As a species we can, and we must have absolute faith in these laws to enable us to live, flourish, grow and expand.

Fear & Self Concern – We Are Alone

Yet even though the universe has provided absolutely everything for us to flourish, to fill our cups to the brim so they spill over, we, as a species, fail to connect the dots, see the larger picture and acknowledge the awesome gift of life. We get bogged down in FEAR and SELF-CONCERN and thus we war, steal, fight and cheat as individuals and as nations. The reason for this is an unconscious fundamental belief that we are alone – no one is looking out for for us and we need to do it all on our own. This belief in spiritual separatism and being alone in the universe has cost us a species and as individuals dearly. 

Over two thirds of the world live in multidimensional poverty which is unbelievable when the wasted food from a third of the world is enough to feed all the world’s hungry 4 meals a day. The universe and nature have supplied an abundance of substance and resources for every single person on the planet to live decadently – every day of our lives. The problem comes when you put mankind into the equation. We have developed a faulty system based on the opposite of spiritual principles and thus forced ourselves to live outside of the garden of Eden. Why? Why have we done this and why are we still doing to ourselves?

Its A Human Made Mess

The crime, child abuse, genocides and more are not caused by nature or the universe or by a higher power – they are all man made. We do this to ourselves and then blame someone else, usually God – the poor sod gets all the blame for our own woes. I look out at nature and I honestly don’t think the universe could give us more if it tried. So how do we solve this faulty way of living that brings dis-ease, discomfort and dissatisfaction into our lives. Individually we think we can’t change the world, that we are not that powerful. The corrupt have always been in charge since the pharaohs, the Romans and so on. The rich always have the lion’s share while the poor suffer for the crumbs on the floor at life’s banquet. It’s just the way it is – right? We just need to suck it up and get on with it slowly trudging through life dragging it’s burdensome weight behind as we go.

Well let me tell you my friend living like that sucks and it’s horse shit.

Maybe, Just Maybe
There is a way to change, to change the world and change reality for the better, without getting high or drunk, and it starts with you and me. We don’t need to turn into some Buddhist monk or religious nut-nut but we do need to be open minded that
maybe, just maybe in the farthest stretch of our imaginations there might be something bigger than we are at play in life, some power, force or spirit that we could tap into. Whether it’s mother nature, the spirit of the universe, God, Buddha or Shiva, it does not matter. If you can do that, open your mind a sliver, your halfway to a good life, trust me. After all the sun, the birds, the sea and planets were all here before humanity arrived and it will probably all be here long after we are gone too, and we as a species had absolutely nothing to do with their origin or creation. The sun, moon, planets, nature and all the laws of the universe existed before us. 

What if, despite the calamity of life, the banks looking to foreclose on our homes, our marriages on the rocks or the empty feeling in the middle of our guts there might be a source of power that can help us internally and externally. What if, despite the crap, we can feel okay and at peace while in the middle of own personal storms. If this were possible would you try to connect to a power like that? I bloody well would! 

Now it’s important for me to say I’m not talking about some NLP mind programming and positive visualisation type of self-induced betterment. I tried all that, it did not work. Although we may get carried away with the fervour at the start of some positive thinking venture, for people with a hole in the soul it falls away like water drips of a duck’s back after a little while.

Just Try It For Pete’s Sake

I have found the trick, if you like, of connecting to a Higher Power and it is in the sincere seeking NOT THE FINDING. I have to say, for me, that was a relief because I know nothing about meditation techniques, prayer or connecting to God or a Higher Power. I found whether it be through walking, contemplating, sitting quietly for 10 minutes – it does not matter the method we use; it only matters that we are trying the universe does the rest. 

After a while I started to sense another part of me that I had not felt before and that part of me was at peace. A Something replaced the nothing I felt inside – don’t ask me what it was/is as I don’t know. I only know that I felt differently, where before I felt disconnected and lost I now feel connected and in the right place. It seemed as soon as I started sincerely seeking – a higher power came. 

I wasn’t doing any of the above because I wanted to be spiritual or out of some religious asking. My arse was literally on the line emotionally and mentally. I had reached a point in life were giving up seemed the only option left. I felt empty, washed up and at the end of my line. I was desperately unhappy and had a track record of failure in relationships, business and just being a plain old human being. 

I attempted to connect to something that could help me, and I did it with a mind full of doubt, scepticism and fear. Fuelled by desperation i tried. And blow me, the universe answered and did so without requiring anything back from me whatsoever. So, if your down, if life is beating you to a pulp, if you believe or don’t believe what have you got to lose? Try seeking a power greater and YOU judge the results.

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