Baby Steps To Greatness

Baby Steps To A Great Life

Firing up the spirit will revolutionise your life from the inside out. New power flows in, spontaneity and inspiration abound, and a sense of inner joy and peace set their foundation in the bedrock of your soul. Passion, energy and awe appear where before despondency and malaise reigned. As the true powerhouse of the human being the soul, when fully alive, will empower and raise up the person from the humdrum of daily living. You will work better, play better and love better. You will feel a deep connection with life, nature and the universe.

Too much is spoken about the consequences of the absence of the human spirit and not enough about what happens when we nurture the spirit within, feeding it with good stuff. The soul is not a defunct ethereal thing but is the very source of energy and power in your life. It has the power to transform our lives and put the colour back in the world. Drive and lust for life all come from the spirit. If the spirit is strong, we will feel good about who we are and our place in the universe. We intuitively do the next right thing and synchronicity is a daily occurrence.

 So how do I nurture or feed the spirit?

Nurturing the spirit requires effort and focus, the same as in the material world nothing comes without effort. Attention is one of the first ways to nurture the spirit. Literally stopping and being aware that it’s there starts to feed the spirit. A few simple ways below can help you take notice of this powerhouse within you.

Quiet time… 

Sitting still and listening to your body and the sounds of the world is a really good start. Some may call this meditation and it may be so, but the word meditation sounds so formal and technical. Taking time out of our busy lives to relax and contemplate is a fantastic way of feeding the spirit and sparking it into life. Today’s world is all about hustle and bustle with deadlines, bills, families and goals. Distractions, noise and mental chatter drowns out the peace and quiet of the still small voice of the universe inside us. By trying to sit still and allow the quietness to envelope us listening attentively to its sound we can ignite the pilot light of the soul.

No experience, skills or techniques are required, it’s not a mystical or secret method. It’s simply sitting quietly listening to your body and the sounds of the universe – the birds, cars passing by the beating of your heart. At first this can be a scary place to be. So, used to movement and distraction are we that any quiet time can make us feel uncomfortable. The unsettling stillness of self at first causes frustration and doubt. But fight through it and allow your being to get comfortable being still and quiet. Do this regularly and you will feel the difference in the way you feel in a very short period.


Sounds simple but it’s quite a skill to pay attention to your breathing throughout the day. Being present and mindful of your breathes, especially when busy or in a rush is hard going but it works wonders in quieting the mind. Feel the breath going into your nostrils, feel the rise of your chest as it goes in and feel the warmth of it as it leaves your body. If you miss half the day, don’t fret, when you become aware again simply re-focus on your breath. Keep doing this and your attention will get better while you mind becomes pin-point sharp.

Seek & Look

Start reading, learning and seeking. There is a saying that “they that seek shall find”. So give it a try. Read some soul and spirit nurturing material. Search for different ways to feed the soul. Spend time looking at the stars and the vastness of space and wonder how they came to be. Taken a second-long look at your pets and see their perfection. Look at the trees and at nature and watch how it creates and thrives without human help. Start opening up to the power of creation all around you, and absorb it, as your part of it.

Start waking up your own spirit within. Allow it to fuel your life and raise you out of the despondency. Let it guide and inspire you and set you on your feet.

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