Baby Steps To A Great Life

Fire The SpiritFiring up the spirit will revolutionise your life from the inside out. New power flows in, spontaneity and inspiration abound, and a sense of inner joy and peace set their foundation in the bedrock of your soul. Passion, energy and awe appear where before despondency and malaise reigned. As the true powerhouse of the human being the soul, when fully alive, will empower and raise up the person from the humdrum of daily living. You will work better, play better and love better. You will feel a deep connection with life, nature and the universe.

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The Hound Of Heaven

Hound Of HeavenAs an average Joe Bloggs having a hole in the soul, a spiritual thirst or a massive empty feeling in the middle of your being is bloody annoying to say the least. It permeated every area of my normal life and daily living activities. It rises from the murky depths of self that even my consciousness is not aware of. If your like me, you’ve planned for a successful life, full of money, property, luxury and security. These are not unnatural goals for the average person. Most kids want to be rock stars, most adults want to succeed financially and romantically and we set about trying to attain these things. Continue reading “The Hound Of Heaven”

Anvil Of Doubt vs Slim Reed

From Dark To LightSometimes the crushing weight of doubt bears down on the spirit like an anvil squashing a blade of grass, especially in these times. When corruption and the darker side of humanity seems to reign supreme from our leaders down to our neighbourhoods, it can be hard to see the good, feel any joy and get awestruck by the sheer wonder of life itself. Yet it’s still there staring us right in the face, every atom and molecule infused with life giving energy. The trillions of cells that make up our bodies perform their work fired by the primordial life energy that imbues every living and inanimate thing in the universe and beyond. Continue reading “Anvil Of Doubt vs Slim Reed”

Druids, Catholics, Atheists & The Rest Of Us

On The Wings Of FreedomSo your a druid? Or a catholic? Or maybe you are a hardened atheist?


What has your belief got to do with anything. Do you suffer from an empty, depressing, uncomfortable and barely-tolerable sense of being within? If you do, it’s got nothing to do with your belief system in the origin of the universe or whether there is, or is not, a God. When the diabetic is diagnosed with suffering from diabetes, it’s not about his or her religious view point. It’s an illness for which there is a remedy. It’s the same with a hole in the soul.

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The Spiritual Desert

Spiritual DesertWhen I am in the spiritual desert it is a dark, lonely and unforgiving place. It’s as if all the vast emptiness of space resides in this place. I have found myself in this empty wasteland many times in my life so I am familiar with it’s setting. I both fear it and dislike it. It fills me with dread, a kind of soul-foreboding and a sense of inner isolation, cut off at a soul-level from the universe and any higher power that governs it. In this place the darkness looms, the ground is hard and God is nowhere to be found. It’s like the universe has given me the naughty step. Continue reading “The Spiritual Desert”

Dysfunctional Childhood

If you are one of the many unfortunate ones who have suffered some form of dysfunction, abuse or trauma when growing up due to parents, guardians, circumstances or surroundings then this page may be of interest to you.

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Forced Isolation

Many people become frightened, mystified, confused and even angry when words like soul, spirit, God, Buddha, Higher Power and other spiritual names/terms are used in a conversation. Others have no feeling whatsoever. These names, or words, have been bandied about for centuries and because of their association with certain organisations and practices they have gained a discernible negativity. Mankind has tried since its beginning to ‘materialise’ the spirit of the universe by stating its essence, capturing it’s form and packaging it for the masses. Continue reading “Forced Isolation”

Symptoms & Diagnosis

If, as I once was, you are feeling like a husk of a person simply trudging through life with an empty hole the size of a canyon in the centre of your being, a place where you are sure something good should be but is not. Then there is hope for you. Indeed there is a life beyond your wildest dreams simply waiting for you to claim it. You are not alone, millions of people feel the same and millions of people have broken free from this dis-ease of self. Continue reading “Symptoms & Diagnosis”

The Therapeutic Approach

Therapists would be forgiven for confusing a hole in the soul – a spiritual malady with childhood trauma derived from situational upbringing, bad parenting or outright trauma. The two, hole in the soul and childhood trauma, have very similar symptoms with a main symptom being a sense of disconnection. The difference between the two Continue reading “The Therapeutic Approach”