How To Combat Loneliness

6 Powerful Ways To Combat Loneliness

Loneliness is increasing, with young people aged between 16-24yrs old experiencing this sense of isolation the most. Loneliness can and does affect people of all ages. One of the most extensive loneliness studies conducted in the world results showed that over 40% of young people, and 27% of the elderly 75 and above, and everyone in between suffers from a sense of aloneness.

In an age where connection to others is the easiest it has ever been in human history, why is loneliness on the increase? Social media plays a significant factor (especially with the younger generation) in increasing disconnection with others as more and more connect digitally. Other factors that can cause loneliness include illness, financial and political issues. The recent COVID-19 pandemic nuclear-fuelled a sense of isolation and loneliness with everyone worldwide. 

Change Loneliness

6 Powerful Actions That Will Dispel Loneliness 

So, if you are experiencing a bout of feeling alone, let’s look at six powerful actions you can take to dispel loneliness and start feeling connected again. These forceful actions will help you come out of a sense of aloneness and connect you with others and your local community. Let’s look at the 6 steps below:

  1. Join a gym or local exercise club – whether it’s your local gym cycle or rowing club, by joining up with other people of your skillset, you will start to mix and build a connection with others while promoting your physical health. Joining a gym or local exercise club is one of the best actions you can take to improve your whole well-being while developing new acquaintances and friendships.

  2. Become a local volunteer – there are many volunteer opportunities in your area, from working part-time in a local charity shop or participating in local conservation projects. Whatever your ability and passion, you can find a voluntary commitment to suit you. In getting involved in volunteer work, you do two things; build on your sense of purpose and meet new people. For example, by working in a charity shop, you will interact with lots of regular local shoppers, creating a sense of community and connection to dispel loneliness and isolation.

  3. Join or create a community event – a great thing to do if you are feeling lonely or isolated is to join a local event or put on a local event if you can’t find any. These can be from street gatherings, sponsored walk, or a benefit event. Contact your local paper or council to obtain a list of local events you might be interested in attending. Community events are a great way to get out and about with other like-minded people in your local area. Attending local events can help form a social connection with others and help in alleviating loneliness and isolation.

  4. Start practicing meditation – meditation is scientifically proven to create a sense of wellbeing and dispel loneliness. Whether it’s doing it on your own or joining a local meditation group, getting involved in meditation is a fantastic and powerful tool in dispelling loneliness and isolation. Meditation helps by waking up the brain’s higher functions and calms the mind while evoking a sense of personal well-being and confidence. The great thing about meditation is anyone can do it at any time, and the effects are quick. Headspace offers a great loneliness meditation for free. You will find that practicing some form of meditation starts to make you feel better and more empowered to deal with daily living tasks over a short time.
  1. Do a daily journal and goal-setting – writing a daily journal about your experiences and feelings every day is a therapeutic way to work through your thoughts and feelings. By incorporating social goal setting as part of your daily journal, you will achieve a sense of achievement, self-worth, and confidence as well as practically build on your social life experiences. Set yourself small daily goals based on social connections such as inviting someone for a coffee, going out for lunch with work colleagues, joining a local club, contacting an acquaintance or family member, and lots more. When setting these daily goals, be realistic, and start small. If you aim too high and give yourself too much pressure, you can set yourself up for failure.
  1. Use the phone – your phone is an essential tool for connecting with others you have. Social media, texts, or phone calls are great ways of connecting with others and a few simple clicks. Make it a goal to communicate with at least two people per day through social media, texting, or phone calls. Show an interest in how others are doing when you connect with them, and you will find that over time you will build a network of people that you are in contact with regularly. Don’t be a stalker and contact the same person all the time; try to connect with many people. Using your phone to communicate with others is a sure way to pull yourself out of isolation and loneliness. Even if you have to fake it to make it, you will find that over time you start to look forward to connecting with others, and you’re not faking it anymore.

Act Now To Combat Loneliness 

The above six decisive actions will dispel loneliness fast and help bring you out of a sense of isolation. If you have reached a point where you can’t stand feeling lonely anymore, all it takes is some effort and discipline to apply and maintain the above actions. After just a few weeks, you will notice a change in your feelings and social connectedness. The above six powerful activities will combat loneliness on all fronts and bring the person out of a sense of isolation and into the mainstream of social living.

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