Hole In The Soul Despair

Despair Is The Norm

Ever had a toothache? It starts with a vague twinge every now and then but nothing major, you don’t even notice most of the time. Then over time the twinge turns into an annoying throb but still you can live with it. One day however the annoying throb turns into a pulsing pain that overshadows your every waking moment.

A Hole In The Soul Can Be Fatal

Having a hole in the soul is just like the above example, accept it can be fatal. When your younger and fully absorbed in life you may experience a distant twinge in the depth of your being that something is not right. As time goes by that twinge turns into a gnawing emptiness like hunger but in the middle of your soul. If left untreated the gnawing emptiness grows into an all-consuming dark void that overshadows your whole life. Swamping you in feelings of inner uncomfortability and disease, dissatisfaction, disillusionment and despair.  At this point of its progression a hole in the soul can actually kill. Many a human being has committed suicide to escape the darkness of self they are drowning in. Others have died through addiction in the pursuit of chemical escape.

Despair Has Become The Norm

This type of spiritual malady has been around as long as mankind, it’s not a new phenomenon. What is new however is the amount of people suffering and living their lives with this condition believing it’s a normal way to experience life. In the 21st century it has become the norm to live in discontentment and inner despair. While the technological advancements have risen to the heavens the actual quality of individual living has gone to hell. When mankind can split the atom and attain space travel one might imagine this kind of intelligence would lead to greater peace, greater quality of life for the masses. But no. Sadly the very essence of satisfying and joyful living has been stampeded into the mud in the chase for self-aggrandisement through money, power, prestige and fame.

People are lost and confused and societies are ripping themselves apart because of this deep discontentment. BLAME is the new game in town and everybody is out to get everybody. Politicians blame the people, the people blame the politicians, social media is now a lethal weapon used for character assignation of everyone from neighbours to media stars. Everyone wants their pound of flesh as society slips into the abyss of isolation, degradation and despair. Individuals notice life has got harder but cant put a finger on what’s wrong…, “its just the way it is” – they say to themselves. A darkness has permeated all of mankind and daily living has lost its colour, its excitement and its satisfaction. Restlessness and irritability are the main servings for each day with maybe a smidgen of sunlight.

This deep disconnection with creation leads to an emptiness and loneliness in the core of a human being that is engulfs all beauty, spontaneity and joy. Managing depression becomes a standard part of lots of peoples lives and anti-depressants are now one of the most prescribed medications in the world to help people cope with their spiritual isolation. Humanity is being boiled alive in a cauldron of depression, and because the increment of unhappiness has been turned up ever-so-gently over time we have failed to discern the level of inner discomfort we suffer from.

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