Different Religions

Druids, Catholics, Atheists & The Rest Of Us

So your a druid? Or a catholic? Or maybe you are a hardened atheist?


What has your belief got to do with anything. Do you suffer from an empty, depressing, uncomfortable and barely-tolerable sense of being within? If you do, it’s got nothing to do with your belief system in the origin of the universe or whether there is, or is not, a God. When the diabetic is diagnosed with suffering from diabetes, it’s not about his or her religious view point. It’s an illness for which there is a remedy. It’s the same with a hole in the soul.

I don’t believe in the soul I hear some of you say. 

Again so what …? 

Call it your mojo, your gut bacteria, your emotional being – who cares about what you call it. What’s important is that you are not feeling great about you and life, and somewhere at the centre of your being is a feeling of disease and discomfort, a nagging sense of not being OK, an emptiness where something missing should be and its growing all the time. I’m pleased to say there is a solution for this condition, I should know because it’s worked, and is working for me and I’m not religious in the slightest.

Denying the remedy to our predicament because of some egoistic clinging to one’s own personal religious or worldly beliefs is insane. Everybody has beliefs of some sort or another from the absolutely weird i.e. we were made by intelligent lizards, to the plain boring that we are just a chemical scum on a rock spinning round the sun. The important thing is that you can still believe what you want and get relief from the painful condition of a hole in the soul. How great is that? It’s what we do about inner condition that’s important – not what we think or believe.

Here are some of the most important questions a human being, regardless or personal beliefs, could ask themselves:-

Do I want to be happy?
Do I want a peaceful mind?
Do I want to feel connected to life?
Do I want to feel content in my life?
Do I want to be successful in life?

If the answer is yes, why get bogged down in our theoretical mind constructs? Why try to argue one’s own stance on the age old questions of the origin of life. I’m a pretty selfish and basic guy, for me I just want to feel good and take the fastest route in doing so. Let the philosophers argue the meaning of life. Let the religions fight amongst themselves about which one is the real true one. I have not got that kind of spare time to whittle away. What I have found, after exhausting all possible avenues and escapes in life to make me feel better is that the only thing that has had some impact on the way I feel internally is trying to live a spiritual life. If you’re anything like me you can be forgiven in thinking that leading a spiritual life is a boring and fun-less experience. I used to view spirituality as a way of life for monks and dropouts that could not make it in the real world. Then, after being forced into trying it, as all else had failed, I was surprised to find out it was the exact opposite.

Spiritual People Make It In Life
In a recent article listed in Psychology Today Ryan T. Howell Ph.D performed a study into scientific and actual benefits of living a spiritual life. The results came in, and do you know that not one of the study participants walked round in a sack cloth or denied themselves a chocolate doughnut now and gain. It turns out that leading a spiritual life delivers good stuff, not bad. The results of the study showed:

Spiritual people are gracious
Spiritual people are compassionate
Spiritual people flourish
Spiritual people self-actualise
Spiritual people take time to savour life experiences

I highlighted in red the one I like the most! I have been trying to flourish all my life but kept failing miserably.

So can trying to lead a spiritual life solve the problem of a hole in the soul. In my experience and those of many more the answer is YES! I personally can’t tell you how to live spiritually, you will have to find that out for yourself. It’s not my job to tell you what to do, but I can tell you that there is a remedy for a hole in the soul and it’s a spiritual one, not a religious one, purely spiritual and it is open to everyone despite what particular personal belief structure we have as individuals.

In a further study by Christina M. Puchalski, MD, MS posted on US National Library of Medicine And The National Institutes of Health I was flabbergasted to discover that some studies showed that people who follow a spiritual way of life live longer! Here are some other study results:

“Another study points to a possible mechanism: interleukin (IL)-6. Increased levels of IL-6 are associated with an increased incidence of disease. A research study involving 1700 older adults showed that those who focus on living as spiritual life were half as likely to have elevated levels of IL-6 (10). The authors hypothesized that spiritual commitment may improve stress control by offering better coping mechanisms, richer social support, and the strength of personal values and worldview …”.

“Some studies indicate that those who are spiritual tend to have a more positive outlook and a better quality of life …”.

“Spirituality is an essential part of the “existential domain” measured in quality-of-life scores. Positive reports on those measures—a meaningful personal existence, fulfilment of life goals, and a feeling that life to that point had been worthwhile …”.

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