Dysfunctional Childhood

Dysfunctional Childhood

If you are one of the many unfortunate ones who have suffered some form of dysfunction, abuse or trauma when growing up due to parents, guardians, circumstances or surroundings then this page may be of interest to you.

There is absolutely no doubt that a negative childhood can impact on the feeling ‘something is missing’ or a ‘hole in the soul’ feeling. Especially if you did not receive the attention, love and care every child has an inalienable right to receive. For most people leaving their childhood experiences behind and getting on with life is a natural and easy thing to do. For some though most of adult life can easily become a delusional chase to acquire the love and care not received as a child. Instead of growing up with a healthy sense of self-worth imparted from, and instructed by, our guardians some people grow up with a poor self image and a negative outlook on life.

Time Travel Does Not Work

One of the biggest problems that stems from a dysfunctional childhood is that it produces in the adult (and sometimes the well-meaning therapist) a belief that all would be fine if only we could sort out our childhood issues. If we could only manage our childhood issues and sort them out everything would be fine. And this is fine for people that only suffer from these sort of issues. However some people, as did I, spend £1000’s on psychotherapy and self help courses to undo the dysfunctional scars created by a disturbed upbringing. We set out on a course of self management of our inner satisfaction of life.

We put our minds to work to formulate solutions for our emptiness within. We do this under the delusion that once these are sorted out we will be happy and free. Unfortunately it’s the old saying of ‘the cart before the horse’ again. The real solution is to feed the spirit, the provenance of all joy, peace, contentment and happiness. Regardless of how severe your childhood was – if you feed your spirit you will be lifted above the pain. At this point actual therapy can play a valuable role but simply working from a mental/emotional aspect cannot fix and will not repair a malnourished spirit. A spiritual problem requires a spiritual solution.

Rise Above The Past

Most of us don’t have a nodding acquaintance with our own spirits today. We do not know how to look after them, what their impact on our lives is, or how much power they can generate for us in our personal lives. If the spirit is alive and well you feel connected with the universe and nothing can touch you. It does not matter what happened in the past, it’s the NOW that’s important. We need to feel good now and the spirit can do this for us in spite of our childhood history.

This does not mean that we neglect to seek help for any lingering childhood issues indeed any help we seek will have an even better result as long as we are trying to nurture our spirits at the same time. A well nourished spirit means we will not be swamped and overpowered by our earlier life experiences. We have the power, strength and freedom to rise above them and move forward in our lives with a fresh energy and a new vision.

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