Solution For A Hole In The Soul

Finding A Solution

You can heal a hole in the soul through spiritual means (and I don’t mean religion). There is an old saying that ‘religion is for people scared of going to hell and spirituality is for people that have been there’. I personally agree with this, the dictionary describes spirituality as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul”. There is no religion or set belief structures, dogmas or set practices in this statement. You don’t have to be a Catholic, Buddhist or Muslim to care for the body – and so it is with the soul.

The symptoms of a spiritual hole in the centre of being are your calling to higher quality and deeper depth of life. The internal misery is the soul’s way of saying the life you are living is not right. Your soul is demanding more meaning and connection with life than you are currently producing doing what your doing. Most people balk at living a spiritual life because of ignorant ill-conceived ideas of what a spiritual life is.

A spiritual life is one of happiness, contentment, freedom and joy – what’s not to like?

Living spiritually doesn’t mean running off the farthest corner of the world becoming a poor missionary. You can drive around in a Rolls Royce with millions in the bank and still live spiritually. This way of living places principles and spiritual way of life above the materialistic world that has not been able to satisfy you so far. It looks at nurturing the soul at a deep so you can experience life on a deeper and more fulfilling basis than you currently are.

The Soul Heals Quickly

Once you start to listen to the despair of your inner being and put some positive spiritual action in you will find that the soul heals quickly and when it does it starts to produce by-products of a healthy spirit. Feelings of freedom, joy, peace and contentment start to appear. In fact, the very things you have been spending years chasing through seriously hard graft start to materialise in your life all by themselves as a result of focusing on nurturing your soul.

Isn’t the reason you have been chasing success, money, prestige and security because you want to feel good? You want to feel secure and have some peace and contentment in your life so you work hard to attain what you absolutely believe can provide these things. Only to find that when you achieve your goals, they bring their own problems, and as the newness wares off, your left with the emptiness again and have chase now goals and heights of personal or material goals.

What if attaining the very things you want requires a lot less effort and time? What if by nurturing the spirit brings about these things in a permanent way without the need to work your fingers to the bone in the material world? What if your depression and darkness of self can be alleviated simply and quickly? If you are willing to have an open mind and apply some spiritual actions in your life you can heal the hole in your soul.

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