Enforced Isolation

Forced Isolation

Many people become frightened, mystified, confused and even angry when words like soul, spirit, God, Buddha, Higher Power and other spiritual names/terms are used in a conversation. Others have no feeling whatsoever. These names, or words, have been bandied about for centuries and because of their association with certain organisations and practices they have gained a discernible negativity. Mankind has tried since its beginning to ‘materialise’ the spirit of the universe by stating its essence, capturing it’s form and packaging it for the masses. In doing this individuals, organisations and religions have dogmatised the methods of connections to this power – only they call it worship. While this has been generated by noble intentions it has sadly been infected by a genuine ignorance. Trying to understand and to convey that understanding of the spiritual has ended with most people becoming disillusioned and deeply disenchanted with all, including the words, such as Buddha/God/Higher Power/Spirit of the Universe and other terms used to describe a universal power.

Call It What You Want …

I am convinced that whatever higher power there is in the universe – it cares not one jot what you call it. You can call it your soul, your spirit, your mojo, your grandma, Bill, Bob or whatever you want – the name is not important. What is important is that you are suffering, and this Power can and will help – without requiring you to conform to any belief or religious practices. When you suffer from a hole in the soul the mind is affected as a direct result and becomes self destructive and self sabotaging.

A healthy mind IS FUELLED by a healthy spirit not the other way around which is why a lot of the thought based solutions such as positive thinking, positive visualisations etc don’t provide any long lasting effect. When the spirit is malnourished the mind starts to go slowly insane and eventually turns on itself. It can’t find the answer with its logic and reason and so it starts to blame you as the PERSON/BEING who is defective. It persecutes with a never ending stream of negative thoughts and ideas which are all based on how you are wrong in some way, how you are not good enough, why you are lacking in some area – and on it goes persecuting you 24/7.

Understand The Symptoms

It can’t help it as it’s been cut off from the source of it’s wellness. You don’t feel the liver cleansing the blood but you would definitely know about it if it stops working. Your skin colour would turn to a nuclear yellow, your eyes become cloudy and fatigue would set in. Even though, at this point, you still could not feel the liver itself failing you would feel all the symptoms this ailment causes. And so it is with the spirit. When it starts to fail you will experience the symptoms: negativity, despair and depression, inner dis-ease, joylessness and disconnection.

Most people try to tackle the mind head-on believing that the root of their problem lies in the mind itself, that they are suffering from some strange mental twist. CAT and other therapy solutions, positive thinking/ visualisations, self help courses and books, affirmations and lots of other methods may temporarily help to alleviate some of the mental torment – but they do not/cannot cure a hole in the soul. It will always reassert itself like a stubborn virus. While all these alternative therapies are brilliant, and can offer people the help they need, unfortunately they only act as a short term temporary solution when it comes to an ailing spirit.

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