Hole In The Soul

Hole In The Soul

What’s it’s like to experience a hole in the soul, an emptiness in the middle of your being or a spiritual void within? Why does it feel like there is a glass wall between you and humanity? Below is a description which highlights what its like to experience the emptiness in the soul.

Things have become dark and the emptiness you feel in the very centre of your being will no longer go away. You wake up not wanting to and it’s an effort to get out of bed and face a new day. You are surrounded by people that seem to be okay and know what they are doing in life. It looks like everyone is doing just fine and enjoying the show here on earth. But you’re not. You are at a loss as to what it’s all about; what you’re doing on this planet in the first place. It’s as if the universe made an error creating you and has not allocated a place or plan for you.

Acting As If Your Normal

You try to be normal, you put on a brave face and act as if your the same as everyone else while the chasm of empty loneliness and disconnectedness is killing you from the inside out. Like an impenetrable glass wall between you and life you watch but you don’t connect. You can’t connect. You have tried, God how you have tried, sometimes using more willpower than most could muster in a lifetime, but to no avail. It simply isn’t happening for you and it’s getting worse. 

You fear being finally engulfed in a black void of misery that’s building up inside threatening to suffocate you and no one can hear or see you and if they did they could not possibly understand. You’re unreachable. Alone. It seems everything and everyone is connected to life but you. 

Are you evil? 

Are you insane? 

Have you got some strange mental imbalance or personality quirk? 

You become afraid, bitter and angry at the world, at life itself. Looking back over your life, you see the once glittering solutions that held such promise to end all your problems and you tried them all; husbands, wives, children, careers, moving abroad, new houses, new cars, new clothes, exercise, holidays, positive thinking books/courses and … acupuncture. 

But none of them offered any lasting solution to the hole in your soul. The emptiness came back but this time you had additional problems such as a new wife or husband, maintenance and insurance on the new car, coping with kids, and all this on top of your original problem in the centre of your being – your personal hell just got bigger.  Some of you will have gone to the extreme of self-medicating in an attempt to shut out the incessant dis-ease within by using alcohol and drugs or some process type of addiction such as gambling, shopping, sex or eating. Unfortunately, for these unlucky souls, most of them don’t make it out alive. They will either be killed by their addiction or kill themselves because of it. There are a small few that can make it out of these fatal self based solutions if they find a 12 step recovery program. 

Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? But there are millions and millions of people suffering this internal slow death every single day of their lives.

Antidepressants On The Increase

Did you know that the prescribing of antidepressants has increased over 400% over the last few decades. South Korea one of the countries with the lowest antidepressant usage actually has the highest suicide rate. People are losing themselves to the growing discomfort arising out of themselves the world over. The UK is the 6th largest prescribing of Antidepressants in the world.

The point is you’re not alone. You’re not strange. You are not different. AND THERE IS A SOLUTION FOR YOU. And one that will completely transform your inner being – which in turn will ignite your life as if someone or something has put a nuke under you.

It’s A Humanity Problem 

The problem with the world, which in turn has infected you personally, is that it dismisses the spiritual dimension when it comes to living. Granted spirituality has a place in the world but it is a poor second to the material advancement of society and the individual. Right from the word go when you popped out of your mother’s womb you have been brainwashed into thinking that the material world with all its glitz – is what it’s all about.

Get out there and be somebody… 

Dream big achieve bigger… 

Have a family… 

Buy a House… 

Get a Career… 

Get Fame & Fortune… 

And on and on it goes…

But after a few years of fighting, struggling, building and maintaining what we have fought for – something else starts to appear. An ever so quiet sense of dissatisfaction starts to creep into our innermost being. No big problem at the start, like a very mild toothache in the soul. It can be ignored, sometimes for years. But it persists becoming bigger and bigger until one day you wake up and all you feel is disillusionment, despair and hopelessness. That little inner toothache was our warning bell. We should have listened, it was the quiet voice within letting us know we are on the wrong track. It warns us of the malnutrition of the soul. Like the warning light that comes on in the car when the oil is running low, we can ignore it and carry on regardless, and at our own peril,  only to find that the engine seizes up later on. At this point we lament about our poor misfortune and how bad the the world is – yet we had the warning and we ignored it.

Mind, Body & SPIRIT

You see we are a three dimensional being. We consist of the physical body, the mind/emotional and the spirit. Of these three the spirit is the powerhouse of YOU not the body and not the mind, they are simple tools for the spirit to express itself. It is the part of you that generates joy, peace, creativity, energy and all the good stuff that makes life worth living. It’s your Mojo. But when you live in a world that does not recognise the spirit and seems only to nourish the body and the mind – well it’s plain to see why after years of neglecting to feed our souls we start to lose the joy in life, our drive and wonder.

Most people want to be rich, famous or both. You ask them why and they will tell you that when they are rich they can relax, enjoy life and be happy. So they strive all their glorious life to reach their goals of material success under the ILLUSION that wealth and fame will bring happiness.

If you are striving for this stop it immediately!

This thinking, that material success, in careers, relationships and money, can produce happiness, joy and peace of mind, a life free from worry is a DELUSION.

Happiness, joy and peace of mind are by-products of right living (spiritual living). When we try to put spiritual principles first in our lives the fruits of the tree appear. What’s the point of having all the world if you have lost your spirit. Seeking material wealth and wasting your precious life trying to attain it under the DELUSION that it will make your life happy – putting off the here-and-now of your life, conning yourself that once you have attained A, B or C you will then start to live – is to throw away what precious time you have.

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