Decide To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

Stop pretending to be small, fragile and impotent. Your spirit is unbreakable. Get up off your knees and stand tall – YOU ARE A MIRACLE. Right now, if you allow yourself, you can sense the power and eternity of the spirit within you, it may only be a flicker but it is there. If you dare to let it out your life will transform in every area. It cannot fail to. You are the gatekeeper, between you and the universe, should you wish to keep the door of your spirit shut, nothing and no one can open it. 

Some people are really shocked and upset when they find out that the only thing that has been standing in their way of happiness has been themselves, and only themselves all along. Most people are as happy as they make up their mind’s to be. Some people actually decide NOT to be happy until that something happens, or that someone comes into (or goes away from) their life, or until that special lot of money comes into their hands. These poor people’s happiness is controlled not by themselves but by external events or persons in the exterior world that they may never experience or see. While they live like this they are condemned to live a life with very little happiness or contentment.

First Step To Happiness Right Now

Take back your power and freedom right now, don’t waste another minute. Stop waiting for life to happen. Stop waiting for the universe to turn up and deliver the golden ticket. Make a decision that today is your day, and no matter what your material and external life looks like, you will be happy. This attitude is a form of self-empowerment and leads to emotional, mental and spiritual independence. The miracle has already happened for you. You are alive. If you place your happiness on external things then you will forever be a slave to outside events, circumstances and people.

Once you understand that you have the power to change the world by taking back control of your happiness, a fundamental shift will happen. The door to your spirit, where all true happiness and peace is, will open. Your view point of life and the world will change as you realise that you truly do have the kingdom of heaven within you, and no person, event or thing can take it away. As your attachment to the world and it’s ways wane you will feel new power flow in. Like the eagle that soars in the sky, you will experience a newfound sense of freedom and joy. All you have to do is LET GO of the ties that bind you. 

You Have Always Held The Power To Happiness

It’s never been about who the prime minister or president is, your childhood experience, your ethnicity or where you grew up, or even what you have in the bank. It’s ALWAYS been about your attitude. It’s you that decides whether you will be happy in this life or not. No one else is to blame. Life is tough for everyone including the animals and plants. All life has to struggle for survival from the wildebeest in Africa outrunning the lion to the blade of grass that has to push through the hard ground to reach the sunlight. Human existence is no different.

Own your power, your greatness and revel in the fact you are alive. You breathe, you see, you feel and think. You do not need bits of metal and material trappings to make life better, it’s already glorious. Look up at the sky and see with awe the vastness of it. You are standing on a planet spinning in space surrounded by trillions of other stars and planets, and here you are standing on one of those planets with a sun, sea, land and life. How jaw droppingly amazing is that? You don’t need a ferrari next to you to make any more awesome. You are part of an eternal universe, you’re here, you exist. Make it count.

How To Make A Decision To Be Happy

  1. Take ten minutes out somewhere quiet with a writing pad and a pen
  2. Write down all the things you are not happy about in your life (your job, your fitness, the area you live etc)
  3. Write down all the things you are hoping to happen in your life (get that job, get that partner, buy that house etc)
  4. See how you have made a decision that you cannot be happy until something you don’t like changes or until you get that special somewhere in life.
  5. Notice how it’s you that is deciding not to be happy because of some event, person, place or thing changes or happens.
  6. Simply allow yourself to see the power you are giving to that person, place, event or thing. That you are giving away your power to be happy.
  7. Make a decision right now to take your power back and say out loud “I choose to be happy right now with the way things are right now. I will no longer wait to be happy”.

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