Healing Nature

Journey Of Self Discovery

Taking a trip, by yourself, can be one of the best ways to help you connect to yourself and to a higher power. It can also be greatly beneficial in helping you gather your perspective on your life; what’s important, what needs to be changed, deciding your goals and generally bringing in to focus where you are in life. It’s all too easy to lose yourself in life’s roles as a mum or dad, a son or daughter, bother or sister and employee or employer. Your real self can get lost under the heavy roles assigned to you in this world. Sometimes we need space and time to just be us, without any roles, titles and responsibilities.

A Spiritual Yearning

It’s well known that a yearning to climb a mountain, spend time in nature or just a sense of wanting  to get away can be a sign of a deep spiritual yearning to break free from constricting old moulds and experience the new. Even if this yearning is not present it’s always a good thing to give yourself time just be, even if it’s for a short time. We all need a time to simply let the dust settle and to gain a better vision of ourselves and our lives. Taking a trip can be a fantastic and powerful way to allow this to happen.

We don’t have to book a 2 week holiday to the Caribbean, which costs thousands, to get away, a long weekend in nature will do the trick. Glamping, camping or a cheap B&B can easily be booked at very reasonable prices. If taking a trip is not possible then small daily trips can be achieved such as taking a daily walk in the local park or woods – the key is to spend an amount of time in nature. Allowing the deep connection that bonds us to the earthy, green and rawness of mother nature will invigorate us and provide a much needed natural healing at a soul level.

Take Time To Discover The Real You

In nature we slow down. We become grounded again. The world and it’s worries fall away as we connect to the eternal life that is not restricted by life’s worries and concerns. We put the effort in by placing ourselves in the loving hands of nature soaking in it’s goodness. We allow ourselves to simply be like the plants, trees and sky. We breathe in it’s freshness and breathe out the toxins of life. As we do this type of nature meditation a powerful connection is made underneath the consciousness at a spirit level imbuing us with its newness and life. Re-invigoration, power and healing flow in without any effort on our part and the more time we spend the more clarity and intuition we receive.

In taking personal time, in trying to connect to nature and in allowing the universe space to engulf us we let go. Slowly we let go of the concerns, worries and stress. This process is hard to do in our busy lives surrounded by concrete and tarmac. In letting go in this way we give way for new inspiration, direction and ideas to fill the space our concerns once occupied. Our job is to allow this to happen. It can’t happen if we are constantly busy, constantly full of things to do and drowned in responsibilities of jobs and families. We need time for ourselves so we can regroup and become whole again.

The Limited Mind & Personal Fear

If you lead a busy life or are feeling really down the thought of spending time doing nothing can seem uninviting and pointless. In fact your mind might well see taking time out in nature as a waste of precious time. Time when you could be doing something important. The opposite is true of course. The problem is the mind cannot comprehend the spiritual. It just does not understand it. It fails completely to see the benefits of the spiritual world and its power as it resides outside of its scope and anything it can not comprehend it sees as a threat. It will picture you spending time in nature and present this to you via your imagination. It will show pictures of yourself pointlessly walking, gaining nothing but a waste of time. Don’t listen to it. Take a risk and allow yourself to access a power that’s outside of the mind. See what happens for yourself based on practical experience instead of mental hearsay

Taking time for yourself without any technological and material distractions can be uncomfortable in this day of age. We have become used to distraction as a permanent way of life. So when we find ourselves left with just us for an extended period of time, whether it be a long walk of a couple of hours or a long weekend, the space we find ourselves in can feel uncomfortable to the point where we really want something to do to escape this feeling. But don’t worry, this passes. The discomfort we feel is only withdrawal symptoms of self-distraction. They will pass and once they do, once you break through the discomfort a new sense of self will appear. This new sense of self will bring with a calmness and clarity that rises up from inside naturally.

You Are Much, Much More

Once this period of self-distraction withdrawal is gone through healing can take place. The fear that precedes this and one that prevents most people from being with themselves is a fear of being consumed with emptiness, despair and discomfort. It’s a false fear. Here we must have faith in ourselves. Faith that there is something underneath the empty nothingness feeling that sits above our real self. If we persevere we will be amazed at what comes through in our consciousness. Trust that your spirit, even though you do not know it yet will come through. You don’t have to feel this trust, just act by giving yourself over to space and time.

If you feel like you are drowning in life taking a self-learning and self-listening personal trip could prove to be the lifesaver you desperately need. Face the nothingness, face your fear and understand who you are under the bonnet. You are not an empty vessel, you are not simply a creation of your own exterior life and responsibilities. You are much, much more and if you let it your real self come through.

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