Medical Vs Spiritual

Medical Vs Spiritual

Doctors might diagnose a spiritual void and its symptoms as a form of depression or borderline mental illness, writing out prescriptions for antidepressants, anti-psychotics and sleeping pills. Medical practitioners do their best to tackle the symptoms and eventually may write you off as one of the defective human beings in life who don’t quite make the grade. They are doing good work and they are not at fault and while they do their best to help alleviate the symptoms most are KNOWLEDGE-LESS when it comes to AILMENTS OF THE SPIRIT and its symptoms.  What is not taught in medical school is how to diagnose and prescribe for an undernourished and starving soul. They deal mainly with the body and the mind.

Symptom Vs Cause

If your mental state is a direct symptom of a malnourished spirit rather than an actual medical condition – then clearly treating the mind directly will just not work. It might subdue some of the symptoms for a period of time but it can’t cure the problem and the symptoms will often reappear when medication stops. It’s like chicken pox. The symptoms of a child suffering with chicken pox often display with severe itchy rashes on the skin. These symptoms cause discomfort and all the child wants is for the spots to disappear and the itchiness to stop. Now imagine putting all your effort into solving these symptoms through applying all sorts of creams and gels over the rashes to soothe the itchiness. This symptom-type of treatment may alleviate the child’s suffering for a little while but the actual cause is not the symptoms – it’s not the spots, rashes or itchiness that’s the actual problem. It’s the virus in the blood that causes the symptoms  – that’s the real problem. A sensible treatment would be an antiviral drug which would target the virus itself. Once the virus is killed off the symptoms will disappear.

This is the same with the negative mindset caused by a malnourished soul. You can try to address the symptoms through medication, self-help books or hypnosis. But until you tackle the actual cause – spirit undernourishment – the symptoms will return.

20 Years Waste 

My own personal experience was I tried everything under the sun, suffering still more pain and despair, before I eventually looked at feeding my spirit. For me it was like taking penicillin I just didn’t want that type of medicine or remedy. I wanted a simple solution, a normal one in my opinion – preferably in the form of a pill – quick and easy. So I let myself suffer inwardly for over 20 years. Living with constant mental negative bombardment from my own mind. Had I tried the last solution first I might have had a good and positive 20 years extra living under my belt but I had refused to accept that I even had a spirit let alone put action into feeding it. I mean, really, who in the modern world of science and technological advancement believes in such things. My only motivation was pain. I had arrived at the end of my rope emotionally and mentally and was contemplating just ending my life. Nothing had worked, medicine, relationships, money, prestige or even my own strong self will. There was absolutely nothing left on the table for me to try apart from the seemingly terribly inadequate and dreary prospect of seeking a power greater than me to help. But luckily I was stupidly desperate.

Today I’m happy to say I’m free from my mind’s 24 hour Radio Doom & Gloom that existed in my head. Mentally I feel clear most of the time with a peace of mind that’s bliss. I go to bed at night, rest my head on the pillow and my mind is quiet and restful. I can’t explain in words how this feels its nothing short of miraculous. It used to be world war 2 in there. It’s such a relief. I still get some negative thinking now and again, as all normal people do, but it’s fleeting and not overpowering and in the main my mind works as it should taking second place to the intuition of my spirit. The noise in my head has decreased to a point where I can now live free, I can think clearly and my imagination now works for me instead of against me. Where there was once a constant tirade of negative thinking there is a nurturing, self-forgiving peaceful voice.

If you suffer from the mental torment and disquiet caused by a hole in your soul or an undernourished spirit then implementing a spiritual solution will offer a way out of the dark mind. By feeding the spirit with soul nourishing actions you will experience a new sense of mental freedom and peace. Break free from the shackles of negativity that have constrained you so far and become inspired. 

At this point I would like to point out that I AM NOT A DOCTOR nor do I have any medical qualifications. So I would advise you to always follow your doctor’s advice first and foremost – NEVER STOP TAKING MEDICATION WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER FIRST. Some people have medical conditions that require medical treatment.

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