Meditation For Beginners

Meditation For Beginners

A good meditation is like the difference between actually floating and trying to float, one way is devoid of effort and gentle and the other involves striving and struggle. So the best way to meditate is to just allow yourself to be … in the moment, fully present and fully aware of how your body feels, the sounds that you can hear, your breath going in and out.
Trying to achieve Nirvana through meditation is fools gold. It is the ego using its own power, perseverance and will to achieve a state of being other than what is. Connecting to a power greater than ourselves involves letting go of our own resources and allowing this power to come to us. We can’t make this power happen, it’s not about getting the right formula of technique that makes it happen, if it did then it would a man manufactured power.

The key to connecting to a higher power is willingness, humility and sincere desire. These are the real tools of mediation. With these tools we attract a higher power into our lives through its power not ours. In the spiritual world we are POWERLESS beings and everything that is achieved spiritually is through the power of something other than ourselves, our minds and abilities. That’s why it can be easier for a beginner to connect to a power greater than it is for an advanced Yogi.

Simple But Powerful Meditation Guide

Step 1
Try to find a quiet place as opposed to your local pub or nightclub and switch off any radio or TV. Find a comfortable position either sitting or lying down. You don’t need to sit cross legged with your ankles wrapped around your neck to find a higher power. Just get comfortable.

Step 2
Set your timer on your watch, phone or clock. Start with 5 minutes and extend this time by a few minutes each time till your up to 15-20 minutes.

Step 3
Close your eyes and breathe …in and out, in and out. Listen and feel the breath go in through your mouth or nose and do this for a short while. Your brain activity will decrease as you focus on your breath.

Step 4
Stop focusing on your breath when ever you feel comfortable doing so, and start listening to the sounds you can hear (cars, the wind, birds etc), let the sounds come to you, don’t strain to hear them or understand them. Let them simply wash over you with a quiet attentiveness as they appear. Feel the relaxation in your body, the warm cosy feeling inside your body.

Step 5
Gently broaden your awareness to encompass all the above, the way your body feels, the noises, your breathing and try to stay at this level of awareness.

Step 6
Let a High Power come to you, don’t try to imagine one, attain a certain state of mind to attune to a higher power or anything else. Your job is to relax and become quietly attentive and still – THAT’S IT. That’s all you need to do. 

You Judge The Results

Practice and repeat the above mediation on a daily basis and over a period of time you will experience a new gentle power flowing into your life. It’s so subtle and gentle that you’ll only be able to pinpoint when it happened. Like the tide coming in a higher power will emerge creating a new sense of being within and without you.

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