Mental Illness - Hole In The Soul

Mental Illness

When the soul is weak through lack of nourishment the body and mind become affected and start to sicken themselves displaying very unpleasant symptoms. The mind slowly decays into insanity and starts to turn on its owner. Its negativity is lethal and can lead some people into taking their lives.  Schizophrenic and psychotic mental symptoms begin to manifest and the mind splits fighting with itself. On the one hand part of it hates you and wants to kill you through a slew of negative personal attacks and bleak future forecasts; while the other part fights for preservation and a way out of the spaghetti style dark prison of SELF. You find yourself splitting off from both these states watching as an onlooker, filled with a sense of self-despair and madness. 

At this point in the mind’s decay stage I have seen many people commit suicide in a bid to escape the torture of the pain caused by a faltering mind deprived of healthy fuel from a well nourished spirit. To some, suffering from incessant mind punishment, suicide is the only option on the table. They feel it will afford release from the mental torment. This is understandable. Living with your own personal torturer 24/7 can become unbearable even for the strongest willed people.

The sad fact for these people is that the remedy for what they are suffering is easily acquired by doing simple spiritual actions which will feed and nurture the spirit which in turn will inspire, lift and heal the mind. As society has scant regard for the well being of an individual’s spirit most medical intervention tries to attack the mind head-on through a range of mental health disciplines; various types of therapy, self-help courses and more. While they may offer a temporary respite they do not address the root cause of the mind’s evident decay. The root of this malady is an undernourished soul. An unhealthy mind is no match for a vigorous, well nourished spirit; the negativity will fall away as a leaf blown away by the wind.

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