Mind Cannot Fix The Soul

Mind Cannot Fix The Soul

The problem with a hole in the soul is NOT mind based – the issue is the ‘hole in your soul’ – the malnourished spirit – that’s the real problem. Once this is fixed the mind falls inline and improves as a result all by itself. 

  • How many attempts have you made with conventional self-improvements methods to remedy how you feel inside? 
  • Have they ever really solved your problem?
  • Have you grown tired with a lifetime of running from yourself down the glitzy avenues of the physical world?

I don’t know about you but I tried them all. My drive-for-life had gone missing, (or was missing from the start), leaving an empty lonely void in its place. For whatever reason I became like an empty vessel on the sea of life, without a rudder and hence no direction. I felt I was being bounced about by life from event to event. Although I had no real joy or happiness in life – I was not wrapped up in bed hiding under the duvet, I got jobs, had girlfriends and on the outside seemed like a normal person. My exterior life, however, was hiding my dying soul within. I was literally existing; doing things which I thought I should as other people did them. But I had no depth of meaning with any of it. Close friends would see some of the more depressed and ‘self pitying me’, some would grow tired of my dark low moods and move on, mercifully some are still close friends today.

Everything I did and tried in life was motivated by a desire to attain some semblance of happiness inside myself – some place inside I could feel OK and free, spontaneous and unfettered from self. I sought peace, happiness and security through the material world: relationships, money and prestige. I acquired these things and more but they did not fix me for long. I would get temporary relief at times but emptiness would come back like a determined ghost haunting me from the inside.

When operating in life on a superficial level – doing things because it’s right to do them – but with no real zest, mojo or enthusiasm inside – it’s really hard going. My problem was at the very centre of my being. The fire in my soul had gone out and I didn’t realise it. The furnace of life no longer burned and left a cold and barren void in its place. And no matter what I tried I could NOT start that fire up. I tried therapy, job changes, relationship changes, self help courses, motivational books, guided meditations and a lot more with no avail.

It is only when, through complete self defeat, I became willing to apply some spiritual principles to my life did I start to change from the very core of me outwards. A lightness of being with periods of real joy and happiness started to come into my life – and without the need to become a monk, missionary or religious.

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