Mind Decay - Hole In The Soul

Mind Decay

The ‘Punishing Mind’, termed in one therapy model the ‘Pig Parent’, is a forever critical and punishing mental state that affects one from the moment of waking to sleep. In this mentally ill state the mind turns on the person in a very similar way to when the physical body undergoes starvation; the physiological and emotional effects are extreme and dark. Physical starvation affects the mind’s ability to work healthily and the same occurs when the spirit is undernourished.

As with physical hunger, fixing this symptom is relatively easy, all we need is to supply the spirit with nourishment and the mind starts to improve. The problem, however, is that most people do not recognise when their spirit needs feeding let alone that they have one. So most people spend years, some all their lives, living in spiritual starvation mode. They feed their bodies and their minds in an attempt to solve their inner problems. Getting that much wanted promotion, meeting the new partner who appears to be ‘the one’, or that top of the range car, any of these will give some relief. Any relief will, however, be temporary and swiftly followed by yet more deflation. Trying to fix the spirit through material solutions is like drinking salt water when thirsty. Instant relief – long term harm.

Plastic Crown Jewel

Since the beginning of time mankind has placed the mind as the crown jewel of the human being, the alpha and omega. Unfortunately this is erroneous. The body and mind are only tools for the spirit. We have elevated the mind to the be-all-and-end-all as we simply don’t understand the spirit/soul nature of our beings. When we place the mind in the top spot of our personal hierarchy we are putting the cart before the horse. It’s a little like owning a bicycle and pushing it with our feet while sitting in the saddle. This might be fine for getting us down hills and some distance on straight pathways but we would have a completely different and more enjoyable experience if we rode the bicycle as it is designed to be ridden. And so it is trying to live our lives without our spirits as our guide; it’s hard graft.

Without the much needed soul energy to feed it the spirit weakens and becomes a dark place of festering negativity. We ruminate and agonise over our past failures and past hurts. The mind then forecasts our future; one informed with stark predictions of more failures and more hurts. The much needed hope, positivity and inspiration is lacking due to our malnourished spirits. We become victims of our mind, tortured by self loathing, paranoia and fear. As the spirit continues to be undernourished and un-nurtured the mind gets sicker over time and soon we become morbidly self obsessed with our own despair. Waves of self pity, frustration, anger and anxiety drown us. We are literally dying from the inside out.

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