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Dark Days & Low Mood

The Dark Days

Everybody, no matter how spiritually tall, has their bad days. It does not matter how good a person you are or how emotionally intelligent you…
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The Eternal You

The Eternal You

Whatever the atheists, agnostics or religious people say, whatever all the leading scientists say, with their modern insights into the grand design of life, the…
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Self Hate

Self Hate

One of the biggest blocks to experiencing personal freedom and inner peace is one that cannot be solved by another human being. It can only…
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Security In An Insecure World

Being a human being in today’s society is tough going. Trying to find stability, both material and emotional, seems to be a never ending series…
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Spiritual Adventure

The Crucial Ingredient

Another way to describe a ‘hole in the soul’ is that it’s your inner-being’s way of letting you know you are missing THE crucial ingredient…
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What Is It?

Want to know it feel like to have a empty void in the middle of your being. Read More …

Higher Power?

What is a Higher Power? Is it religious? Find out what a Higher is. Read More …

Become Great

Sick and tired of feeling empty and lost. Always looking at life from the outside. Read More …

Forced Isolation

Why we fight against our own well being and live in the dark, alone and lost. Read More …

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Soul Quotes

A Spiritual Void Within

If you are someone who is plagued by an inner emptiness and an anchor-less internal sense of self you may be suffering from a hole in the soul. This term is used to identify people who are suffering from an undernourished spirit. A hole in the soul does not discriminate. It is remarkably democratic. It can affect anyone and does not discriminate when it comes to age: ethnicity: gender or social status. Click her to find out more

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