Peace & Hope In The Storm

Peace In The Storm

It’s going to be okay. Now is the time for quiet rest in the arms of your Higher Power, whatever that may be. It’s a time to nurture and renew your relationship with a God of YOUR understanding – whether that be the Spirit of The Universe, Buddha, God or whatever. It doesn’t matter. What is important is that you put time into developing this relationship in any way you can. As uncertainty and fear wash over the world with COVID-19, financial insecurity, sickness, death and social distancing all impact us. Don’t worry, even in the midst of our trials and tribulations there is freedom, peace and security. There is a place where the external world cannot touch, and it’s your place.

You Decide To Be Happy Or Not 

Instead of fear we can wake each day with joy and gratitude in our hearts – if we choose to. Gratitude is our weapon to easily fight off any darkness and depression. I personally choose today. I am not a slave to circumstance. I make my own decision to be happy despite the way my life is or the way the world is. I am not falling for that time stealing trap of waiting for the world and other people to align in a certain way so I can be happy. I WILL NOT allow anything to dispel my inner peace and happiness. The world can crash at our feet and we will not be moved if we stay close to the source of all life. Sounds religious doesn’t it? But it’s not. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m not religious in the slightest. 

Do I succumb to the media and allow the fear and distraction to knock me off my journey’s path? After reaching a rock bottom with all the world has to offer, after reaching a place where I was suffocating in my own personal misery, and then finally, after years of unhappiness, finding some respite, some peace and happiness within. I can tell you there is not a chance in hell I’m going to put down the tools of the spirit that have allowed me to experience some joy, contentment and peace in this loud world, just so self pity, resentment and darkness can enter my life again and lead into a state of existing instead of living. No sir, been there, done that, not doing it again. 

Time To Step Up 

So, I step up my personal form of meditation and connecting to a higher power of MY CHOICE and I feel better and safe. I can let go of what’s happening in the world and get on with my day as it is, not how I want it to be. I practice gratitude throughout the day to bolster my mind against fear, self-pity and self-despair that constantly tries to drag me down into the abyss of self. And, for me, it works. And it works for anyone who sincerely tries. The birds are still singing in the morning, the sun rises and sets, and the wind blows through the trees. All is well and whatever is happening will pass. 

If you are in a dark place, whatever the reason maybe, there is an unlimited source of goodness and love available to you should you choose to tap into it. Don’t scratch for the crumbs on the floor when there is an unlimited banquet on offer to you. Take time out, go deep and let go. Allow the sunlight of the spirit to shine its light beams into your soul lifting you up out of the mud. Listen to the music of nature and life. Simply close your eyes, breathe and let the universe wash over and through you. Just listen and hear, let a Higher Power come to you. 

Use Your Mind 

When the mind starts in on you with its negative forecasts of doom and gloom, stop it in its tracks. It’s your mind, it’s your tool. Use it. Replace the negative radio gloom with thoughts of gratitude for your feet, your health, a roof over your head, and keep doing it till your mind starts to automatically take up this new way of thinking. If, like me, you have let your mind run rough-shod over you for years hoping against hope that one day you will wake up and your mind will be singing a different tune then, like me, you will have discovered that the mind does not, cannot, change by itself. Take charge of it and put effort into thinking different thoughts that build you up and add to your peace and security. Whenever self-pity, fear or resentment come knocking on your mental door shoo them away with thoughts of gratitude for what you have. A grateful heart IS A HAPPY heart. 

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