Road To Suicide

Road To Suicide

Don’t underestimate this spiritual emptiness as it has the power to kill. When a person is consumed by the inner torment spued out from the dark empty void that sits in the middle of their being where a blissful shining power should be there is only so long they can endure this never-ending pain without seeking escape. Some people manage their inner disquiet by drowning it out with the humdrum of daily living. While this may work for a time a hole in the soul does not stop progressing getting larger and more intense. This means that once what worked as a distraction to this inner disquiet will stop working as time goes by and the inner gnawing and despair will pervade the person life again taking hold of the forefront of their consciousness.

Attempts To Escape The Inescapable

When it becomes acute is when you see some form of negative obsessive behaviour take hold of the person as they seek harder means to escape the pain of Self. Addictions start to take hold of some people when they suffer from an acute hole in the soul in the form of chemicals (drugs/alcohol) and process addictions such as gambling, shopping, sex and lots more. The methods of escape from their reality offer relief and freedom from the now personal agony their spiritual illness is causing. For a time, escapism, in whatever form, seems to work but soon turns round to bite the hand of the person escaping. Their addictions soon turn against them and accentuate the very the very pain they were trying to avoid in the first place causing yet further personal misery, degradation and despair.

Last Stop Suicide

At this point suicide usually becomes a feasible solution to these people and I don’t judge or blame them. What is the point of living when you have lost your soul? When the very source of happiness, joy and meaning has gone – why carry on? Why live a trudging existence of misery and pain? I can understand clearly why people choose escape and suicide. When a person rots from the inside out there is no peace to be found. With an acute hole in the soul the mind turns on the person and becomes a repugnant, blaming and accusatory jailer with no mercy. The soul or gut, at this stage, is producing nothing but misery, despair and hopelessness. So mentally and emotionally the person is trapped in hell – wouldn’t you look to escape if you felt like this?

Ending the pain becomes the sole purpose of anyone suffering with a progressed state of spiritual isolation. Once the methods of escape they have chosen wear off or turn and compound their situation suicide seems to be the only option left on the table.

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