Self Cannot Fix Self

Self Cannot Fix Self

Reliance on the SELF leads to personal misery. The saying ‘no man is an island’ speaks volumes when it comes to how we live. Most people are taught to rely on themselves from an early age. We are put through nursery, school, college and even university. As we progress through education the seriousness of what we are doing and why increase. Adults start to apply the pressure on the growing child that everything depends on their education and how they perform. If they don’t perform well their lives will be hard – we tell them. They interpret a world where they must fend for themselves and learn to be independent. All this is good and healthy – to a point. It becomes a problem when the child becomes indoctrinated into a way of believing and thinking of themselves as separate entities completely on their own. This belief system leads to a way of living that has its roots in separateness. The child, now all grown up and an adult, carries the entire world on their shoulders as far their lives are concerned. Its up to them, and them alone, to achieve a life of happiness, success and contentment through the ways they have been taught – achievement and success in the material world.

Achievement & Acquirement Don’t Equal Happiness

With these goals in mind they set off determined to achieve and acquire with the end goal of security and happiness. So, they get careers and jobs, buy things, meet people and get married, have kids and lots more.

Has all they have done achieved inner happiness and contentment?
Have they been able to manufacture spiritual benefits through material achievements?

As a society we pressure children from an early age to achieve so they might go out in the world when they are older and succeed. But the question is what we are guiding them to achieve? Material success or inner happiness? They grow up believing its all about material success in finance, careers, possessions and relationships. Even worse, when a child is born into a dysfunctional setting fear and mistrust permeate the soul of that child from an early age. They perceive the world as a hostile place and don’t trust anyone or anything. Their sense of isolation is greater.

Success Comes From A Nourished Spirit

The Manufactured Lifestyle

Lots of people are trying to live self-generated lives, and from the outside they look good, but under the surface there is a quiet dissatisfaction and disillusionment. A sense of being-let-down by the harshness and emptiness of life hovers around their consciousness. The individual Self cannot manufacture by-products generated by a spiritual connection with a higher power. Joy, inspiration, awe, peace, contentment and inner freedom are by-products of a productive connection between the self and a higher power. As separated humans we can manufacture pleasure, which is short lived and tastes bitter after too much. We can manufacture physical comfort through luxury mod cons. We can build, travel and procreate. But what we can’t do is produce spiritual by-products through out own individual physical efforts in the material world to achieve.

If a person is suffering from a hole in the soul, then trying to stuff it full of achievements and attainments is futile. There is only one thing that can heal a spiritual illness and that is a spiritual solution. Trying to out-think and out-feel a hole in the soul will just not work. It’s just the Self putting more effort in to fixing the Self.

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