Symptoms Of A Hole In The Soul

Symptoms & Diagnosis

If, as I once was, you are feeling like a husk of a person simply trudging through life with an empty hole the size of a canyon in the centre of your being, a place where you are sure something good should be but is not. Then there is hope for you. Indeed there is a life beyond your wildest dreams simply waiting for you to claim it. You are not alone, millions of people feel the same and millions of people have broken free from this dis-ease of self.

“Only An Empty Cup Can Be Filled…”

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms below it may be that you too have a void in the centre of your being:

  • Life has become almost meaningless and the colour has ebbed away from all things.
  • Waking up in the morning is like a prison roll call beckoning you on to perform your daily chores.
  • Your close relationships with spouses, children, family and friends take effort and feel like burdens instead of joys.
  • Thoughts of escape, living off grid, drink, drugs and sometimes suicide plague your thoughts.
  • Life feels like a punishment, a slow unhappy, relentless trudge to the grave.
  • Feelings of sadness, despondency and dejection fill most of your waking day.
  • You have a mind that hates you and is constantly replaying your failures and past hurts.

An extended ‘Hole In the Soul’ presents itself in a person as a nasty large empty dissatisfied feeling in the middle of your gut. This is where you would expect to have your drive-for-life, your mojo, enthusiasm and creativity. The internal spirit creates the fire-of-life fuelling the individual as they live, helping them to create and build a good life. But for some reason – it’s just not there anymore or perhaps never was.

A Joyless Existence

There is a vast difference between living and existing. One brings feelings of being alive, an experience of joy and wonder and the other brings misery, gloom and dissatisfaction. When we are born we all feel wonder, joy and happiness. Obviously if the baby is born ill or is hungry or in need it is a different matter. For many of us childhood is filled with light, excitement and wonder – there is colour in the world. As we grow up and enter the adult world with its exigencies the colour can start to drain away from life.

We start to feel an inner dis-ease with our own lives and with the world around us. This may happen rapidly or more slowly over time. When this begins to happen we start to search, mostly unconsciously, for the remedy to how we feel internally. We change relationships, jobs or even geographic locations in pursuit of somewhere, someone or something that will make us feel better and rid us of the joyless state.

Symptoms Of A Starving Spirit

Our spirit has become depleted to the point that other parts of our being start showing symptoms such as negative thinking: nagging dissatisfaction: despair: an unshakeable sense of unhappiness: suicidal fantasising. There is absolutely nothing in the material world which can help or fix us. Our only hope from the physical world at this point is that of temporary relief through sex, money, prestige and other types of emotional and mental escapism.

Our lives become mainly dark with perhaps brief light spots spattered here and there as we pursue those cul-de-sacs of temporary respite. Everything starts to become a chore and even the simplest of responsibilities seem like back breaking burdens. We put on a brave face to family, friends and work colleagues but inside we are dying.

Living with an undernourished spirit leads to living a joyless existence; living on a day to day basis feels like wading through treacle. Your only highlight of the day is being able to switch off when you go to sleep at night. When the morning comes you wake with a feeling of doom and gloom and it takes real effort to face a new day. You blame your childhood; your partner; God; the weather and everything under the sun as to why you think and feel like this. A sense of being a reject from life hangs around you, someone that does not quite meet the grade when it comes to being human or missing something inside that other people seem to have. Let me tell you there is a definite way out of this negative prison of SELF. You do not have to live/exist in this way.

By applying some spiritual actions you will not simply get better, you will quickly feel better than ever, the colour will return and joy will start to bubble up from within you. A new personal freedom and appreciation of life will grow inside and contentment will replace dissatisfaction

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