Anger & Anger Management

All About Anger: The Top 19 Ways To Reduce & Manage Anger

Today anger is one of the most prevalent emotional states. It is the primary fuel for our social, political, and economic landscapes. Anger as an emotional state has become one of our more commonly experienced feelings throughout our day to day life. Statistics show its prevalence is on the increase. This volatile emotion has led …

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Mild & Moderate Depression

Spiritual Solution For Mild & Moderate Depression

It’s important to distinguish between Clinical Depression and mild or moderate depression. The former is a serious medical condition which this article does not cover. The NHS offers information and help for those with clinical depression. The aim of this post is to focus on the mild or moderate depression directly linked to a hole …

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Self Hate

Self Hate

One of the biggest blocks to experiencing personal freedom and inner peace is one that cannot be solved by another human being. It can only be solved by the individual that has this block. Other people can offer love, advice and insight but it will make not the slightest jot of difference. Self-Hate is something …

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Enemy - Self Pity

My Arch Enemy – Self Pity

No one likes to admit they suffer from self pity, least of all myself. When under attack from this dark attitude we tend to dress it up as something greater making ourselves out to be helpless and poor victims of life, abandoned by God and rejected by the world.

Dysfunctional Childhood

Dysfunctional Childhood

If you are one of the many unfortunate ones who have suffered some form of dysfunction, abuse or trauma when growing up due to parents, guardians, circumstances or surroundings then this page may be of interest to you.There is absolutely no doubt that a negative childhood can impact on the feeling ‘something is missing’ or …

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Mental Illness - Hole In The Soul

Mental Illness

When the soul is weak through lack of nourishment the body and mind become affected and start to sicken themselves displaying very unpleasant symptoms. The mind slowly decays into insanity and starts to turn on its owner. Its negativity is lethal and can lead some people into taking their lives.  Schizophrenic and psychotic mental symptoms …

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