Anvil Of Doubt vs Slim Reed

From Dark To LightSometimes the crushing weight of doubt bears down on the spirit like an anvil squashing a blade of grass, especially in these times. When corruption and the darker side of humanity seems to reign supreme from our leaders down to our neighbourhoods, it can be hard to see the good, feel any joy and get awestruck by the sheer wonder of life itself. Yet it’s still there staring us right in the face, every atom and molecule infused with life giving energy. The trillions of cells that make up our bodies perform their work fired by the primordial life energy that imbues every living and inanimate thing in the universe and beyond. Continue reading “Anvil Of Doubt vs Slim Reed”

Forced Isolation

Many people become frightened, mystified, confused and even angry when words like soul, spirit, God, Buddha, Higher Power and other spiritual names/terms are used in a conversation. Others have no feeling whatsoever. These names, or words, have been bandied about for centuries and because of their association with certain organisations and practices they have gained a discernible negativity. Mankind has tried since its beginning to ‘materialise’ the spirit of the universe by stating its essence, capturing it’s form and packaging it for the masses. Continue reading “Forced Isolation”