Hole In The Soul

Hole In The Soul

Hole In The Soul

What’s it’s like to experience a hole in the soul, an emptiness in the middle of your being or a spiritual void within? Why does it feel like there is a glass wall between you and humanity? Below is a description which highlights what its like to experience the emptiness in the soul. Things have …

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Therapy For A Hole In The Soul

The Therapeutic Approach

Therapists would be forgiven for confusing a hole in the soul – a spiritual malady with childhood trauma derived from situational upbringing, bad parenting or outright trauma. The two, hole in the soul and childhood trauma, have very similar symptoms with a main symptom being a sense of disconnection. The difference between the two

Solution For A Hole In The Soul

Finding A Solution

You can heal a hole in the soul through spiritual means (and I don’t mean religion). There is an old saying that ‘religion is for people scared of going to hell and spirituality is for people that have been there’. I personally agree with this, the dictionary describes spirituality as “the quality of being concerned …

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