Medical Vs Spiritual

Doctors might diagnose a spiritual void and its symptoms as a form of depression or borderline mental illness, writing out prescriptions for antidepressants, anti-psychotics and sleeping pills. Medical practitioners do their best to tackle the symptoms and eventually may write you off as one of the defective human beings in life who don’t quite make the grade. Continue reading “Medical Vs Spiritual”

Mental Illness

When the soul is weak through lack of nourishment the body and mind become affected and start to sicken themselves displaying very unpleasant symptoms. The mind slowly decays into insanity and starts to turn on its owner. Its negativity is lethal and can lead some people into taking their lives.  Schizophrenic and psychotic mental symptoms begin to manifest and the mind splits fighting with itself. Continue reading “Mental Illness”

Mind Decay

The ‘Punishing Mind’, termed in one therapy model the ‘Pig Parent’, is a forever critical and punishing mental state that affects one from the moment of waking to sleep. In this mentally ill state the mind turns on the person in a very similar way to when the physical body undergoes starvation; the physiological and emotional effects are extreme and dark. Physical starvation affects the mind’s ability to work healthily and the same occurs when the spirit is undernourished. Continue reading “Mind Decay”

Mind Cannot Fix The Soul

The problem with a hole in the soul is NOT mind based – the issue is the ‘hole in your soul’ – the malnourished spirit – that’s the real problem. Once this is fixed the mind falls inline and improves as a result all by itself. 

  • How many attempts have you made with conventional self-improvements methods to remedy how you feel inside? 
  • Have they ever really solved your problem?
  • Have you grown tired with a lifetime of running from yourself down the glitzy avenues of the physical world?

Continue reading “Mind Cannot Fix The Soul”