Mind Cannot Fix The Soul

The problem with a hole in the soul is NOT mind based – the issue is the ‘hole in your soul’ – the malnourished spirit – that’s the real problem. Once this is fixed the mind falls inline and improves as a result all by itself. 

  • How many attempts have you made with conventional self-improvements methods to remedy how you feel inside? 
  • Have they ever really solved your problem?
  • Have you grown tired with a lifetime of running from yourself down the glitzy avenues of the physical world?

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The Rise Of Emptiness

Despite living in a world with advanced technology to send people to the moon, satellites to Mars, instant communication with each other through mobile phones and social media no matter where you are on the planet, there is a growing and gnawing emptiness rising within individuals. A pervading sense of isolation and rising despair Continue reading “The Rise Of Emptiness”