Spiritual Adventure

The Crucial Ingredient

Another way to describe a ‘hole in the soul’ is that it’s your inner-being’s way of letting you know you are missing THE crucial ingredient for your wellbeing, success and joy in this life. Have you ever driven a car when it’s running out of fuel? It chugs, sputters and misfires. Have you ever eaten a BLT sandwich without the bacon, lettuce and tomato? The plain bread and butter taste boring. It’s the same living a life without a spirit connection, you roam around from one event in your life to another without any real sense of being alive. It’s more like a trudging to the graveyard. Life seems like something to be endured, not enjoyed. This is how it feels when you are running on empty within.  

4K HD Living

Now compare that to someone who has a spirit or soul connection with a Higher Power, God, Spirit of The Universe etc. and the contrast is striking, it’s like going from black and white to 4K HD colour. These people that have some form of connection with something other than themselves such as nature, the universe, creation or God seem to be lit up from the inside out. They exude warmth, contentment and security with an overall aura of peace and well-being. I’m not talking about religious people; I’m talking about humans that have a deep and very real connection with something-other. I see it all the time. I spent years wishing I could feel that sense of conviction and goodness inside myself that I saw in them but my mind locked shut against anything other than the material and scientific. So I lived cut-off from any such power and reaped the rewards – isolation, loneliness and a sense of loss in, and dislocation with, the world. 

Change Your Mind

Now I know that the emptiness I felt within was a deep and unrelenting yearning for the power in my soul. A longing for the spirit-connection I desperately needed but refused to acknowledge. We are three dimensional beings; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. The spiritual fires us. It’s the furnace that energises our lives. Ever seen someone with a deep sense of connection to something-other moping round, depressed or despairing, trudging through life? These guys seem to have a sense of being alive even in adversity. I WANT THAT, DON’T YOU? If it means I might have to change my mind on a few closed-minded ideas that have not brought me much joy in my life, then so be it. What did I have to lose anyway? My life was already miserable. So, I was dumb enough and desperate enough to open my mind to the possibility that there might be something bigger than me, science and the material at play in the universe, and that maybe,  just maybe it could help with my miserable existence. It worked! 

Who Wants To Be Spiritual?

I didn’t wake up one morning and think, you know what, today is a good day to look at spirituality. No sir that is not me. I am a materialistic person through and through. Money, prestige and possessions – they were my gods. It was only sheer self-despair, where I could not take being in my skin for one minute longer and all the anesthetics and escapisms I had tried had stopped working that I turned in desperation and hopelessness to ask whatever power in the universe there was for help. It was my last-ditch effort. I sought out something that I have seen at work in other people’s lives, making these people happy, free and content.  

In one sense, and you can only see this from the other side, the hole in the soul was my greatest blessing from the universe, a Higher Power, God or whatever it is, as it forced, and I mean literally forced, me into accessing something other than my own resource. If it was not for the inner pain of being me, the emptiness caused by a hole in the soul I would never have even bothered looking. Who wants to look at spirituality in today’s world? I certainly didn’t, too many people getting rich and living the fine life for me to pay attention to what I thought was the poor life. How wrong I was. Today I live like a king, I have been able to travel further, reach higher goals and attain a greater sense of ease of self than I could have only dreamed of on my own power.

You Have To Want It

If you are suffering from a deep emptiness within and you feel disconnected from life it may be because the universe is inviting you to far greater life, one where you eat at the full banquet table and not survive from the crumbs on the floor. The only requirement? You have got to want it. That seems to be the key. Without this keystone ingredient not much can happen. But once you start wanting what a Higher Power can offer you are halfway there. Sounds childish to state the obvious but you have to want peace, contentment and all the other good things on offer from the universe. Start to seek out a connection in whatever silly way you can, and the universe will start moving in your life. 

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