The Eternal You

The Eternal You

Whatever the atheists, agnostics or religious people say, whatever all the leading scientists say, with their modern insights into the grand design of life, the FACT is that LIFE HAPPENED. Whether through the hand of God or a Big Bang – it happened. Do you know what this means? It means that if it happened once, it can happen again, and again and again. 

What’s that got to do with you and me I hear you ask… 

Well, if we were born once it goes without saying that we can be born again. If it’s happened once then surely it can happen again. I am not a reincarnation nut job, and don’t follow this belief system or any other religious system. The reality is I don’t know. However I do know that if something can happen once it can happen again.

Realise Your True Identity

So stand up. Get off your knees in life and acknowledge that you are a living breathing miracle that does not need justification or explanation. YOU ARE, and that’s it. Game over. This is what eternity feels like – it’s you. You we’re, are, and will be. Stop fretting about immediate problems and concerns as they will all pass and change. From the perspective of eternity our daily struggles fade into nothingness and we are released from the clamour and grind of the modern world. I don’t know about you, but I personally cannot remember a time I did not exist. Maybe, just maybe we are all part of an eternal consciousness that is not restricted by time and space.

The Eagle That Thought It Was A Chicken

A baby eagle became orphaned when something happened to his parents. He glided down to the ground from his nest but was not yet able to fly.

A man picked him up. The man took him to a farmer and said, “This is a special kind of barnyard chicken that will grow up big.”

The farmer said, “Doesn’t look like a barnyard chicken to me.”

“Oh yes, it is. You will be glad to own it.”

The farmer took the baby eagle and placed it with his chickens. The baby eagle learned to imitate the chickens. He could scratch the ground for grubs and worms too. He grew up thinking he was a chicken.

Then one day an eagle flew over the barnyard. The eagle looked up and wondered. “What kind of animal is that? How graceful, powerful, and free it is.”

Then he asked another chicken, “What is that?”

The chicken replied, “Oh, that is an eagle. But don’t worry yourself about that. You will never be able to fly like that.”

And the eagle went back to scratching the ground. He continued to behave like the chicken he thought he was…

“As a man thinketh, so he is. As he continues to think, so he remains.” – James Allen

Who Determines Our Life

Does the world and life really constrain us? Or is it our perspectives and attitudes that condemn us to live in the dark, scratching around and simply surviving. Yes, we may have been put on a course in life less than great through childhood circumstances and yes we may have experienced trauma from external life episodes – so what. Does this mean we should allow ourselves to live the rest of our lives as victims of circumstance? Absolutely not. At some stage in life we have to say Enough Is Enough! I am not willing to be a victim in life. I am no longer going to live anything less than a great life with the years I have left. This change in attitude will take courage and effort. Like the eagle that has become comfortable living like a chicken so we too have been comfortable not stretching and exerting our will to become who we really are.

The Fear Of Change

We are afraid of change, we fear the unknown, we picture ourselves alone and sad in the future so we decide to stay with the misery we know. Blind faith is not taking an action step with a feeling of absolute certainty. It’s taking a risk which can feel very scary such as leaving a relationship, letting go of a job that’s killing you, saying no to someone when it’s going to cause upset. You risk the known for the unknown because you can no longer put up with the present as it is. These decisions, when acted upon, are all acts of blind faith and they usually lead to a better state of play for you. Facing the fear of change takes courage but the universe will move with you when you do. You don’t have to be afraid. 

Listen to the small within that tells you you are more than a chicken, you are an eagle designed to soar in life.

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