The Inner Void

The Inner Void, more commonly known as the ‘Hole In The Soul’ is a debilitating spiritual malady that decimates the individual’s mental and emotional well-being. Most people don’t realise that they are suffering from a spiritual void within. They feel depressed, negative or hate themselves and don’t know why. These articles highlight what a ‘hole in the soul’ is.

Hole In The Soul

Hole In The Soul

What’s it’s like to experience a hole in the soul, an emptiness in the middle of your being or a spiritual void within? Why does it feel like there is a glass wall between you and humanity? Below is a description which highlights what its like to experience the emptiness in the soul. Things have …

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Mental Illness - Hole In The Soul

Mental Illness

When the soul is weak through lack of nourishment the body and mind become affected and start to sicken themselves displaying very unpleasant symptoms. The mind slowly decays into insanity and starts to turn on its owner. Its negativity is lethal and can lead some people into taking their lives.  Schizophrenic and psychotic mental symptoms …

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Mind Decay - Hole In The Soul

Mind Decay

The ‘Punishing Mind’, termed in one therapy model the ‘Pig Parent’, is a forever critical and punishing mental state that affects one from the moment of waking to sleep. In this mentally ill state the mind turns on the person in a very similar way to when the physical body undergoes starvation; the physiological and …

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The Dark Mind

The Dark Mind

One of the more painful symptoms of a hole in the soul is that of the dark mind. When we awake our minds kick in and flood us with waking thoughts about our past, present and immediate future. Some people’s minds work for them and create healthy ideas, solutions and positive outlooks. If you suffer …

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