The Spiritual Void Within

The Spiritual Void

If you are someone who is plagued by an inner emptiness and an anchor-less internal sense of self you may be suffering from a hole in the soul. This term is used to identify people who are suffering from an undernourished spirit.

Therapy For A Hole In The Soul

The Therapeutic Approach

Therapists would be forgiven for confusing a hole in the soul – a spiritual malady with childhood trauma derived from situational upbringing, bad parenting or outright trauma. The two, hole in the soul and childhood trauma, have very similar symptoms with a main symptom being a sense of disconnection. The difference between the two

Self Cannot Fix Self

Self Cannot Fix Self

Reliance on the SELF leads to personal misery. The saying ‘no man is an island’ speaks volumes when it comes to how we live. Most people are taught to rely on themselves from an early age. We are put through nursery, school, college and even university. As we progress through education the seriousness of what…

Rise Of Emptiness

The Rise Of Emptiness

Despite living in a world with advanced technology to send people to the moon, satellites to Mars, instant communication with each other through mobile phones and social media no matter where you are on the planet, there is a growing and gnawing emptiness rising within individuals. A pervading sense of isolation and rising despair