Rise Of Emptiness

The Rise Of Emptiness

Despite living in a world with advanced technology to send people to the moon, satellites to Mars, instant communication with each other through mobile phones and social media no matter where you are on the planet, there is a growing and gnawing emptiness rising within individuals. A pervading sense of isolation and rising despair permeate people’s lives as the joy and colour of being alive evaporates in the harsh glare of the shiny, materialistic, surface deep path society pushes.

Ambition, achievement, power and prestige reign supreme at a cost of humanity’s soul.

With years of drip-drip erosion of individual personal freedoms and a stark shift from the importance of spiritual principles like honesty, integrity and selflessness has worn the moral fibre in society away to the point that we have President’s that blatantly lie and denigrate, Prime Ministers that have extra marital affairs and dubious financial dealings and Crown Prince’s that commit gruesome murder – and all of this in the public domain without the slightest fear of consequence or care. Its no wonder the citizens of this world feel lost and disillusioned. We live in a time of immoral culture paraded from the very top by our leaders.

The world has become Godless

The above statement is not a religious one. When spiritual principles, whether they be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or others, are at the base of the society people have a core contentment, a purpose and a deep sense of right and wrong. With the purge of religion and/or spirituality from the main foundation of society over the last 20-30 years we have thrown out the baby along with the bathwater, people have lost their sense of being and place in creation leaving them with an inner emptiness. In replace of religion, God or spirituality today’s society has created the ‘Golden Cow’ to worship in its place. Power, money, prestige and fame have become humanities main goals. Never has such blatant disregard for spiritual principles been so prevalent than today. This chase for superior material ambition in the individual and Governments has led us to live in spiritual starvation and the results of this are depression, disillusionment and despair. No matter how much we get, what we achieve or who we entrap sexually in the material world our soul slowly dies within and as this the driving force of who we are we end up suffering and dying from the inside out.

Dying From Within

Living daily in such a world where a higher calling and spiritual principles are secondary and lost in the chase for materialistic gains leads to a society that develops cancerous tumours within it leading to increased depression, an increase in suicides, an increase in mental health issues.  These ailments grow like weeds spreading from culture to culture strangling the joy and hope until none is left and living becomes a autonomous existence of getting for A to B.

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