The Spiritual Void Within

The Spiritual Void

If you are someone who is plagued by an inner emptiness and an anchor-less internal sense of self you may be suffering from a hole in the soul. This term is used to identify people who are suffering from an undernourished spirit.

When you have tried all the panaceas mankind has to offer, from medicine to alternative therapies and you are still unable to find a solution for the growing emptiness within, you will benefit from spiritual solution.

A hole in the soul does not discriminate. It is remarkably democratic. It can affect anyone and does not discriminate when it comes to age: ethnicity: gender or social status. The very young to the very old can suffer from this condition. Usually it is not until adulthood when the symptoms of this condition begin to have an impact on an individual’s life. It compromises the happiness and contentment which are the inalienable rights of all. Many people who have experienced this hopeless dilemma describe it as having a huge gaping hole in the very centre of their beings. A sense of being in life but without the blueprint of how to live; feeling as if there is a glass wall separating them from the rest of humanity. The one thing everybody can agree on is, it worsens without intervention. Life becomes less enjoyable: less interesting: meaningless. The inside craving for escape from life, (which is really about how we feel internally), becomes stronger and stronger.

There is not a set of circumstances or any one reason which leads to someone experiencing a hole in the soul; it can happen at any time in one’s life. People from all walks of life, all childhood experiences – good and bad can fall prey to this inner emptiness. Trauma or abuse in one’s life might exacerbate the symptoms of the hole in the soul but the symptoms are not the cause; neither is relief from past trauma or abuse – the solution. A hole in the soul is an illness of the spirit and as such requires treatment of the spirit.

This deep spiritual emptiness sits right in the middle of your being and starts like a toothache, a slight nagging disquiet progressing to an all encompassing despair and hopelessness.. It’s the Universe’s way of calling you to action and letting you know you have lost your connection. It’s a symptom of a disconnected self. If left unheeded the absence of this deep spiritual connection to ‘something other’ leads to a decay of the soul which will drain the colour and joy out of every area of your life. Your mind will plummet into self destructive thinking. This condition will not go away. Just as physical pain acts as a wake up call to the body to help protect you from further damage so it is with the soul.

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