Therapy For A Hole In The Soul

The Therapeutic Approach

Therapists would be forgiven for confusing a hole in the soul – a spiritual malady with childhood trauma derived from situational upbringing, bad parenting or outright trauma. The two, hole in the soul and childhood trauma, have very similar symptoms with a main symptom being a sense of disconnection. The difference between the two however is vast. A symptom of disconnection from other human beings and life in general caused by a dysfunctional upbringing or some other traumatic event in early childhood focuses around the lack of connection of the adult from other human beings and life in general.  The symptom of disconnection generated by a ‘hole in the soul’ is a generated from a disconnection with a Higher Power. In the latter case connection with other human beings is a good thing but will not solve the problem of the void within.

It’s the difference between and human need and a spiritual need. Most professionals out there are quick to diagnose some form of emotional blockage in relation to the persons relationships with other people and the world. They do this because most professionals do not prescribe or understand a ‘spiritual illness’ or ‘spiritual solution’. Its simply out their remit. For people with childhood trauma this is fine but for the people who have a hole in the soul that presents like symptoms of childhood trauma it can lead to years of therapy, medications and lots of money and the very best they can hope for is alleviation of the symptoms and not the actual cause problem.

Diagnosing the difference between an emotional problem stemming from childhood dysfunction and one from a spiritual sickness is not always an easy task. In fact, most people that have suffered some form of abuse or trauma are more prone to suffer from a hole in the soul. The reason for this is fear. Fear is a major cause of spiritual sickness and people who have suffered when younger tend to be more afraid, less trusting and faithless – with good reason. Unfortunately, this can lead to an over dependence of self which is leads to a build up of personal misery as the person denies themselves the much-needed life giving connection with the universe and a higher power.

Today there are various therapy models that now taking into account the spiritual realm of the client as well as physical, mental and emotional. One such therapy is Psychosynthesis. Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal therapeutic model that integrates all aspects of the human experience, including spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and physical aspects. This type of therapy model could possibly cater for both types of people – those that are suffering from childhood trauma and those that suffering from a hole in the soul.

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