Walking With Nature

Walking With God, Buddha, Shiva & The Family Dog

One of the best ways to connect to a higher power is through walking in nature, whether it’s a local park or in the countryside. Immersing oneself in the naturalness of the universe and allowing nature and creation to brush up against your skin in the form of the sun, wind or rain can ignite your soul and refresh your whole being – as well as help you connect to the spirit of the universe.

You don’t have to trek to the Himalayas to find a higher power or go on a month long pilgrimage along the Camino Santiago trail. It’s not the distance you walk or the destination of the walk that’s important. What is important is the quality of the walk. Walking with a higher power is like walking with your beloved dog. When you walk your dog you watch them and relish in their freedom, their energy and inquisitiveness. In other words you are very mindful of their presence, while you walk. This is a form of mindful meditation …on your dog.

This spiritual activity can be done by anybody, no skills required! You don’t need to have a theologian degree, a deep karmic understanding or any spiritual depth. All you need is the willingness to to do it. The spirit of the universe, God or a higher power is not impressed with cleverness. The more simple the better. It’s the sincere desire to connect that creates the connection not the formulaic techniques, special mind words or physical postures promoted by some institutions.

Walk With Awareness, Alertness & Awe

Walking with God is just about walking at a relaxed pace and being aware of the colour of the grass, trees and sky. Being aware, as you walk what the sun, wind or rain feels like on your body, your face and hands. While your doing this – wonder about the force behind all that you see, feel and hear. Look and ask yourself what makes the trees grow, what makes the wind blow, what makes the sky blue and so on. Try to recognise the power of life in everything, from the weeds pushing through the cracks on the pavement to the birds flying in the sky. Watch life unfold everywhere powered by an invisible energy that permeates everything inside and out.

Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that doing the above, while certainly enjoyable, will amount to nothing, apart from getting fit. You would, however, be greatly mistaken in thinking this. If you practise walking with a higher power and being open to this power, whatever it may be, you cannot fail to start to experience a connection with something, and feel that connection start to grow over time. Becoming mindful of the universe and putting time aside to do this (by walking) is all you need to do to invite a power greater than you into your life. Your willingness to be open to something other than you is the key to connecting to God, Buddha or the Spirit of the Universe.

The Reward Outweighs The Effort
Spiritual walking takes effort and discipline especially if you lead a busy life packed to the rafters with stuff to do. Taking the time out of your busy life to perform this seemingly fruitless activity seems like a waste of time. The miracle happens when you start to experience the inner strength, power and presence inside of something that defies the mind and surpasses all material pursuit activity in terms of peace, contentment and fulfilment. 

Your job is to bypass your closed mind …

If, like me, you have a mind that can predict outcomes of activities you have not even tried based on what you think you know, then spiritual walking will seem like a waste of time. I would strongly urge you to bypass your mind when it comes to this. The mind cannot understand spirituality or a higher power or comprehend the power derived from a spiritual life. I would suggest you try this activity for a few weeks of walking on a daily basis and you judge the results. If it does not work stop doing it! If you find that after a few weeks of daily spiritual walking you are starting to feel better about yourself, your life and are experiencing a new sense of peace within then carry on.

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